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  Dongcheng District has five theatre zones, namely, Wangfujing, Dongerhuan (East second ring road), the silver street, Longfusi and Jiaodaokou, one of the most intensive areas of professional art academy and art troupe. Dongcheng District has several state-level art performing troupes as Beijing People’s Art Theatre, Central Academy of Drama, Central Opera Theatre, National Theatre of China, China Children’s Art Theatre, Modern Drama Troupe of Air Force Political Department; some professional performance places as Chang An Grand Theatre, Poly Theatre, China Children Theatre, Rainbow Light Children’s Theatre, Beijing Zhongshan Music Hall, Capital Theatre etc., Xin Dong An Film Theatre, Dahua Theatre, Chonghong Theatre, many good cinemas and more than 110 entertainment places of singing and dancing, spreading all over the place. In addition, the World Intangible Cultural heritage ---- the Peony Pavilion of Kunqu Opera with more than 600 years’ history is performed at the over 600 years old Imperial Granary.  Here you can experience the traditional and modern, historical and fashionable culture with extensive knowledge and profound scholarship.