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In accordance with the requirements under the 2020 Beijing Assessment Standards for the Use of Genuine Software and the 2020 Dongcheng District Working Plan for the Use of Genuine Software, the District Emergency Bureau paid due attention, made full preparations and finally completed the inspection on the use of genuine software. 

At an early stage, the Bureau repeatedly surveyed internal registered computers, summarized and checked relevant basic information, and made records for computer software management. Then, it launched repeated self-inspections of software to ensure the safe use of genuine edition, rectified existing problems, and offered training to relevant members. On the date of the inspection, in accordance with the requirements of the District Bureau of Technology and Information for the use of genuine software, the Emergency Bureau inspected the operating system, office software and anti-virus software of the computers in the Bureau. The pass rate was 100%. Other basic tasks were finished, which were praised by the inspection team. 

In the future, the Bureau will consolidate the work achievements related to genuine software and arrange follow-up work.