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The Dongcheng District Development and Reform Commission implemented the instructions stated by the Organization Department of District Party Committee in the Notice of Reviewing the Rectification of Education Activities in the Whole District with the Theme of “Stay True to the Original Aspiration and Keep the Mission in Mind”, and launched comprehensive self-examination work for the rectification according to the review requirements. Firstly, the Commission strengthened organization and leadership. Attaching great importance to reviewing the rectification of theme education, the Commission held a special party group meeting to study and convey related instructions, define tasks and requirements and clarify specific responsibilities and work steps to advance the review work. Secondly, the Commission solicited extensive opinions. Through various forms such as seminars, questionnaires, etc., the Commission collected opinions on the rectification from the party representatives, people’s congress representatives, political consultative conference members, staff, service targets as well as the public. In general, the rectification achievements were highly praised. Thirdly, the Commission started a comprehensive and deeper self-examination. The leaders took charge of the self-examination work. By referring to rectification plans, the list of problems to be surveyed and the “Key Public Services” working list made by leaders, focusing on the special rectification tasks and adhering to the problem-oriented, goal-oriented and effect-oriented principles, the responsible members inspected the work item by item to ensure that all rectification tasks have been completed and produced great effectiveness.